Cameleon Harbour to Gowlland Harbour via Discovery Passage

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More footage from our summer 20223 Discovery Islands boating adventures. This time, we travel between Cameleon Harbour near Thurston Bay Provincial Marine Park and Gowlland Harbour on the south end of Quadra Island.

Cameleon Harbour to Gowlland Harbour Via Seymour Narrows map

The trip takes us down the Discovery Passage through the famous Seymour Narrows. Seymour Narrows is famed for the massive 1958 explosion that blew up Ripple Rock, allowing the narrows to be more safely traversed. 

“When Ripple Rock blew at 9:31:02 am April 5, 1958, the sight was stupendous. Seven hundred thousand tons (635,028 tonnes) of rock and water erupted in a blast that reached a height of 1,000 feet (305 m). The spectacle lasted less than 10 seconds before the debris was engulfed in a cloud of gas.”

Ripple Rock Explosion

Along the way, I point out various RV campgrounds and give you a look around the Gowlland Harbour, including a weird scene, a large half-sunken floating building. I found a news story about it: Sunken barge raises concerns about boats hitting floating debris.  Another highlight of the trip was a stopover in Deep Water Bay, where we witnessed scads of fish jumping out of the water!

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Cameleon Harbour to Gowlland Harbour Via Seymour Narrows British Columbia Coast Boating

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