Camping at Caballo Lake SP and Pie Town! New Mexico

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In this video, we visit Cabello Lake State Park and Pie Town, New Mexico. I show you a sat view of both places and some on the ground footage in Pie Town.

Pie Town has a free “dry camping” campground and several little cafes that serve yummy country cooking and offer plenty of delicious homemade pies! Eat them there or take them with you fresh or uncooked frozen.

We had an excellent breakfast at the Gatherin Place cafe watching the days pies being made and loaded up on some 6″ pies. I got the New Mexico Apple that contains some Hatch Green Chiles. Pie Town made for a unique overnight location as we have slowly begun our journey back west then north to finish off this seasons snowbird travels.

Yummy Pies and Free Camping in Pie Town, NM

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Video footage from our visit to Pie Town New Mexico

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