Camping at Farewell Bend SP on the Snake River on the Oregon/Idaho Border

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In this video, I have information on the camping opportunities around Farewell Bend on the Snake River, which flows along the Oregon and Idaho border. It’s famous for being where the Oregon Trail travelers bid farewell to Snake River to cross the Blue Mountains and meet up with the Columbia River. The area offers beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing, fishing, and tons of history to explore. 

Oregon Trail Map

We camped in mid-April 2022 at the Farewell Bend Oregon State Park, located about a 1/2 mile off Interstate 84. The campsite had terrific views of the river and surrounding hills. Well-spaced out paved RV sites with water and eclectic hookups. The cost was $33 for us being out of state. Oregon residents pay $26.

Farewell Bend State Park Oregon Camping

Video and Photos from Farewell Bend 

Nearby Bureau of Land Management Camping:

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Farewell Bend State Park Oregon

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