Canhang – RV Gadget for Easily Hanging Items off the RV

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In this video, I give you a look at and demo an interesting new RV gadget some fellow full-time RVer friends have developed. The Canhang enables you to use an ordinary broom or wash brush pole to place the hanger onto the RV roof gutter rail or slide-out edge. 

Hanging the Canhang

Canhang is a patent-pending system for hanging your decorative items and feeders. It can be hung off your RV. The unit is stainless steel, ready to use, however, the base plate is paintable if you wish. Canhang is hung using a standard threaded pole. The Canhang base is approximately 3.25 inches by 7.25 inches and the item hangs approximately 12 inches out. It is advised that whatever you hang not exceed 10lbs.

Canhang Demo Video

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Canhang - RV Gadget for Easily Hanging Items off the RV

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