Carry Portable CB Radio in the RV

Portable CB Radio in the RV

When traveling it’s a good idea to have several methods of communications on board. One old school method is to carry a CB Radio in the RV. Now the CB radio is almost an obsolete technology but is still used by truckers on the highways to relay information about traffic conditions, construction zones and the best routes through a busy city. It can also be useful to talk to other RVers you may be traveling in caravan with.

In big emergency situations like natural disasters many of the newer communication networks go down, like for instance the cell networks or the internet, but CB’s will still work.  Also most CBs come with built in NOAA weather monitoring capabilities and broadcast weather alerts.

Portable CB Radio for the RV

Now a days the there  CB models available that are truly plug and play and cheap. Just plug them into a 12 volt cigarette lighter type socket and turn them on.

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