Champion 2000w Inverter Generator Maintenance

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In the summer after a winter spent down south as a snowbird doing lot of boondocking my pair of 73536i Champion Generators need some tender loving care.

I like to pick a nice sunny day, strip off the covers and perform the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance.

This includes:

  • Changing the oil
  • Cleaning the fuel filter
  • Cleaning the spark arrester
  • Cleaning and oil the air foam filter
  • Replace or clean and re-gap the spark plug

Changing the Oil

This is a very simple but usually messy task due to where the oil filler opening is. It’s tucked a few inches inside the case making it difficult to dump without getting some inside the chassis. I use a paper towel tube to direct the oil out. The newer models have a modified design making it a lot easier. After draining the oil simply use the provided funnel to refill the roughly .4 quart of oil. The plastic dip stick has clear markings showing where the level it needs to be.

Champion Generator Maintenance-Oil Fill

Fuel Filter

Super easy, just pop out the plastic-screened filter from the gas input, wash it well with soapy water, rinse and dry it real well and reinsert.

Champion Generator Maintenance-Fuel Filter

Spark Arrester Screens

There are two screens that are easily accessible once you remove the side cover. To remove the side cover undo the 4 10mm bolts holding the generator’s handle on, then un-clip the silver plastic corner covers and unscrew the 4 screws holding it. Once you unscrew and remove the exhaust pipe end screen, grab and slide out the spark arrester screen. You will probably find both are covered in soot. I like to let soak in alcohol for a half hour or so, then scrub them with a wire brush, re-soak and rinse.

Champion Generator Maintenance-Spark Arrester-Dirty   Champion Generator Maintenance=Spark Arrester Clean

Foam Air Filter

Following the directions in the manual, I remove the plastic cover and then the air cleaners foam filter. I wash it well in soapy water, rinse and let dry. Then you apply some motor oil, letting it soak in a bit and wipe away any excess.

Champion Generator Maintenance-Air Filter

Spark Plug

The Champion Generator comes with a special wrench to remove the spark plug. First, remove the rubber cap on the top of the generator and also remove the spark plug connector. The spark plug connector can be a little stiff and on tight so you may have to gently wiggle it and coax off. Once it’s out of the way use the special wrench and with a screwdriver through the holes in it loosen the spark plug.

Once out have a close look at the electrode, if it’s clean and grayish-black colored and not wet looking it should be OK to clean and re-gap, otherwise replace it. The manual has a listing of the proper spark plugs to use depending on how much and how hard you use the generator. Also, it will tell you what the proper gap is and can be set with an inexpensive gauge found at any auto parts store.

Champion Generator Maintenance-Spark Plug

My Champion 2000w Inverter Generator Maintenance Video

Gallery of Champion 2000w Generator Images

That’s all there is to your 73536i Champion 2000w Inverter Generator Maintenance. Pretty straightforward and if done often enough will keep your generator running happily for many camp seasons. Rather than pay an expensive mechanic or RV tech why not perform the maintenance yourself and save some cash.

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My Champion 2000 watt generator maintenance howto by Love Your RV! blog -

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