Checking out Lippert RV Entrance Door Friction Hinges

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In this video, I attempt to install an aftermarket Lippert friction hinge onto my Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer’s entrance door. Unfortunately, the hinge turns out to be incompatible with my particular Challenger brand model of door. I discover the Lippert hinge is a little smaller, so it won’t fit flush.

Anyway, I was curious and decided to take the hinge apart and try and figure out how it actually works. I didn’t find anything special inside, so I assume it’s just press-fit to a predetermined pressure. I did notice it contains a small amount of what looks like graphite grease.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this Lippert product sample free of charge.

Based on some earlier feedback I received on friction hinges, there seem to be people that either love or hate them. From what I gather, most are referring to OEM installations. So in the video, I ask folks to leave feedback in the YouTube comment section below.

Lippert RV Entrance Door Friction Hinge

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Lippert Friction Hinge for RV Entrance Doors

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