Clean Up Old RV Plastic Sinks with ToothPaste

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After seven year of full time living our RVs kitchen sinks have taken a beating. Made of a white plastic material they’ve slowly become stained and scratched up especially on the bottoms. I tried various cleaners designed for kitchens and bathrooms with little luck.

While brainstorming a solution I remembered I had one time used toothpaste to remove a reddish iron water stain in our porcelain toilet. It worked like a hot damn. Quickly and completely removed the stain

I figured it was worth a try on the sinks. So I grabbed a tube and gave them good polishing and rinse and what do you know it worked pretty well.

Cleaning RV sink with toothpaste

The scratches weren’t entirely removed, but it made a significant difference giving the plastic RV sinks a much-refreshed look. I guess the toothpaste has just the right amount of grit to it. I figure it will likely work well on many other plastic items around the RV, so something to keep in mind.

Note: Cleaning with toothpaste isn’t advisable on newer sinks that still have a smooth gel coat on them as the toothpaste is gritty enough to damage or remove it. The tip is for older sinks and plastics where the gel coating has already worn off naturally with age and use.

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Cleaning RV sink with toothpaste tip

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