Couple of Tips for the RV Oven

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Many of you likely know the tip of using a pizza, baking stone or unglazed ceramic tile in the RV oven to help even out the heating and prevent burning the bottom of things. I prefer the pizza stone as I can also use it for its intended purpose. The only problem is I broke my first one into pieces traversing some rough roads.

My solution is a “kill two birds with one stone type.” Hmm, could be a pun in there somewhere. 🙂 I use the oven to store our thick wooden cutting board and the extra weight on the pizza stone solved the breakage problem. BTW, the oven is a great extra storage place.

Another tip I have is to layer the bottom in aluminum foil as we do for the outside grill. Oven grease and food droppings collect on the foil, helps speed oven clean up time.

Pizza Stone in RV Gas Oven Tip

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