Details of Cabin Leaks & Wood Rot Discovery in our Boat

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In this video, I review multiple leaks we have discovered in our CHB trawler boat since we bought it in June 2023. These cropped up during sustained heavy rains. Most related to leaking teak hatches and solved for the time being by attaching their Sunbrella covers before heavy rains.

The most concerning is a leak in the main cabin at about the mid-way point on the boat’s starboard side. It appears to originate on the flybridge, and water enters the cabin ceiling and then runs along the rafters before running down the wall.

Multiple Boat Cabin Leaks and Some Wood Rot

Over the years, it has led to some wood rot. I’m unsure how much, as the ceiling and wall will need to be opened up to explore the extent of the damage. This is looking like a fairly major project. Stay tuned for updates going forward as I first stop the leak and then repair the damage done.

Removed Flybridge Seats to Trace Cabin Water Leak

Continuing my boat leak diagnosis and repairs, I removed the flybridge’s upper helm seats. I think I may have found the path of the water that eventually leaked from the main cabin roof and down the starboard wall.

Next, I’ll try to reseal the flybridge seating and floor and add drains to remove water that pools in the front corners. Stay tuned…

Resealing the Flybridge Seating

In this video, I reseal around the flybridge seating and wall seams to hopefully stop a leak in the main cabin roof and starboard wall. I am encouraged after a day of rain, pouring at times, and no signs of drip!


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Multiple Cabin Leaks and Some Wood Rot in 1976 CHB trawler boat

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