DIY Solar Power Meter for Display of Real Time Amps and Volts

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In this video, I take a cheap battery monitor w/shunt I had kicking around and repurposed it to show amps and volts coming off a 600-watt solar panel array. I wired it up to be able to be easily connected in line with the solar panel output cable. 

DIY Solar Power Meter

Battery Monitor Wiring Diagram

The main reason for this meter is that I’m currently testing out a Safari ME portable power station, and it doesn’t report the wattage coming in from the solar panels. Now I can see how exactly much power the solar panels are producing. By knowing this in real-time I can align and angle the Lion Energy folding panels for maximum output.

600 Watts of Folding Solar Panels

Demo Video Showing My DIY Solar Meter

DIY Solar Power Meter for Display of Real Time Amps and Volts

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