Easy Access RV Furnace Panel Modification Plus Gas Valve

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In my most recent blog post and video, I covered pulling out our Suburban RV furnace for a clean and inspection. At that time I mentioned wanting to mod the screwed on access panel, maybe adding hinges and a latch for easy access. My need for quick access stems from a desire to add an LP gas shut off valve in the gas line supplying my Big Buddy portable heater.

When I originally plumbed the Big Buddy heaters supply line, I teed off of the main RV furnaces supply line. I ran a rubber LP Gas hose with a quick connect on its end to mate with the Big Buddy. It’s work fine now for a few years, but I’ve always wanted to increase the safety of it with a regular type shut-off valve.

Disclaimer: Working with LP Gas can be dangerous. I’m not a certified RV technician merely an RV owner. This post and video should not be taken as instructional. If you decide to work on your own RV LP system do the research and be aware of all risks involved. I accept no liability, you have been warned. – Ray

Adding The Inline RV Gas Shut Off Valve

The inline LP gas shut off valve was a quick install.  Since all the propane connections used 3/8ths flare fittings, it was just a matter of finding the right pieces and screwing them in place, tightening things and checking for any leaks.

LP Gas fittings

The parts I needed for the task were a 3/8 flare x flare gas ball valve and 3/8 female flare swivel adapter. I hit up the local propane sales and service store which had the items in stock. They were a little pricier than online, but I was able to get right to the job without waiting.

Modding the RV Furnace Access Panel

Once the gas shut off was installed the next project was to build a quick access panel. I had pondered using a pair of hinges and a latch of some sort. However, the way the grilled panel and the surrounding cabinetry was built didn’t lend itself to my idea. I thought about adding an entirely different door, but my wife likes how things are. She’d like to keep the current look.

RV Furnace Access

I put on my thinking cap and came up with an alternate plan utilizing magnets. Off to the local hardware store, I headed. I acquired magnetic latches; you know the kind used for cabinets doors. I also needed some 1″x 2″ board. I added the board to the inner cabinet so the magnets would line up correctly.

Magnetic latches installed

The access panel is now held in place solidly but can be quickly pulled off. I decided to leave the old screws in place for their finished look versus holes, so cut them down to size.

RV furnace access panel under fridge

Video Detailing My RV Mods – Furnace Access Panel and Big Buddy Portable Heater LP Gas Shutoff Valve

I happy with these two little mods and have another idea brewing. In the future, I may add some furnace filter material behind the access panel to trap dog hair and debris before it can enter the furnace fan and get flung around the RV.

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