EEZRV TPMS Unboxing, Installation and Real World Review

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A decent quality TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) has been on the old RV wishlist for many years now. I guess by practicing good tire maintenance and testing, with a little bit of luck I’ve so far avoided a blowout. However, I realize from hearing multiple scary tales of tire blowouts from other RVs it may be only a matter of time. Often an RV tire blowout results in expensive damage to the rig.

Choosing a wireless TPMS is a daunting task with so many different brands on the market, all purporting to be the best. I asked my YouTube audience for some recommendations and received tons of feedback. Check out the comments below this video.

In the end, I settled on the EEZTIRE TPMS from EEZRV products. It has good reviews on Amazon, but most importantly several of my RVing buddies use and like the product. They have fifth wheels similar to my Keystone Cougar. So I took the plunge and ordered one from even though shipping to Canada was a little pricey. I wanted to get it installed before this winter’s snowbird trip to the southwest.


Setting Up My EEZRV Wireless TPMS

Setting up the EEZTIRE was fairly straightforward but did involve entering a couple of programming modes on the display and punching buttons for a while. The EEZTIRE can monitor up to 22 tires. However you, of course, need a sensor for each tire. I chose to order the six sensor package for my four trailer tires and the front two trucks tires. If the unit performs as expected, I’ll buy four more sensors for the trucks rear duallies.

Each sensor is assigned a number corresponding to its location on the rig. A small numbered sticker is placed on the sensor face and covered with some clear nail polish. Then the display unit is programmed for each sensor location based on the number. Programming is done by placing the sensor near the rear of the display box.

Numbering the TPMS sensors

Hold Sensor here tag

The sensors keep track of each tire’s current PSI and temperature. So, other parameters that needed to be entered in were high and low PSI alarm points and the high-temperature alarm.

Setting PSI parameters into the EEZRV TPMS

Installing My EEZRV Tire Pressure Monitor System

The sensors simply screw onto the tire valve stem. Steel stems and application of an anti-seize compound to the valve threads are recommended. My kit contained special anti-theft covers with a unique wrench for mounting. The anti-theft cover also helps protect the sensors from weather and road grime. Other EEZRV TPMS kits are available with flow-through sensors.

EEZTIRE TPMS anti theft wrench

The final task was to mount the EEZTIRE display on the truck’s dashboard. The unit comes with a lighter plug power adapter or a hardwire cable. According to the manual, it has a 60-hour battery life. The unit comes with a suction cup or fixed mount. I decided to use some heavy duty Velcro tape to attach it to an unused section of the dashboard with easy access and visibility.

EEZ Tire TPMS mounted

EEZRV TPMS Unboxing and Installation Video

I was pleased to see all the sensors working correctly, reporting back PSI and temperature. I’m going to hold back my product review until I’ve had a chance to use it awhile. We are departing for a few thousand mile trip down south soon which will put the new TPMS to the test. Look for a complete review in a few weeks.  Cheers! Ray

EEZRV TPMS Review Video After 1 month and 1500 Miles

Review Update – Goodyear Endurance Tires and TPMS

Unboxing programming and installing my new EEZRV tire pressure monitoring system by the Love Your RV blog -

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