Elephant Jack Foot Pads and Shoes Review

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Not too long ago I received a set of Lippert Elephant Jack Foot Pads for review. They are an oversized 10” molded plastic pad with a slip on rubber shoe designed to replace the regular OEM installed metal feet. The idea is to provide a larger surface area to the ground making the trailer more stable and the jacks less likely to sink into soft soils.

Unboxing the Lippert Elephant Feet

The Elephant Feet and Shoes come in different kits for travel trailers and fifth wheels. I received the #191386 kit designed to fit our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel. Inside I found two feet to attach to the front landing jacks replacing the existing rectangular metal pads. And, two feet designed to bolt onto the rear stabilizer pads plus the required nuts and bolts, etc. and instruction manual. Also included are four heavy rubber slip on shoes, one for each foot.

Lippert Elephant Feet Jack Pad Kit

Installing the Elephant Foot Jack Pads

Fifth Wheel Front Landing Jacks

Adding the Lippert Elephant Feet to the front landing legs was a snap. The original metal pads are held in place by a bolt and cotter pin. Using a pair of pliers, I removed the old feet and using the same parts attached the new Elephant Feet in their place.

Boondocking with the Elephant Feet

Rear Stabilizer Pads

Replacing the pads on the rigs rear stabilizer legs was a little more involved, requiring some drilling. My trailers scissor jacks have a set of predrilled holes so it was simply a matter of measuring the distance between them and then drilling holes the same distance apart on the new pads. Being made of plastic, my cordless drill easily did the job. I first drilled pilot holes with a 1/8th inch bit and followed up with the recommended ¼ inch bit.

Elephant Feet Rear Pad Bolt Heads

Once the holes are drilled the supplied bolts fit perfectly into an embedded channel in the foot holding the head in place while the nut is tightened. The nut has a nylon insert in it to prevent any loosening while traveling.

Attaching the Rear Elephant Foot Jack Pad

Adding Rubber Shoes

The final task is to slip on the thick rubber shoes. I found it took a little elbow grease to get them on, like getting a tire on a bike rim. I would recommend doing it in warm weather or maybe heat them up first. Good thing though is they are unlikely to fall off once attached.

Lippert Elephant Foot Jack Pad Review

I waited a few weeks to write my review so I could try the new feet out on different surfaces and travel with them a bit. So far I’m happy with my rigs fat new shoes. They make setting up the trailer at each campsite that much easier. Unless I run into some very uneven ground I can leave the usual wood and plastic blocks in the storage bin.

The Elephant Feet do the job of stabilizing the rig. While it isn’t any night and day difference as far as movement inside the trailer, there is a marginal improvement with a little less shake. It also seems a little better in heavy winds than before.

I think they will come in really handy when we are dry camping in parking lots like at a casino, Walmart, truck stops, etc. There will be little chance of causing damage to the pavement like a metal pad can do, especially on a hot summer day.

The only worry I have is the long term durability being that they are plastic. I wonder if I might snap them off if I drag a front landing jack when traversing a sharp dip. The original metal pads do have a little fore and aft play to them which these do not. I guess time will tell, but so far they seem strong enough.


  • Twice the surface area to the ground than the OEM jack pads
  • Rubber shoes give a no-slip surface on cement
  • Won’t sink or get stuck as easily on soft soils and sand
  • Won’t damage parking lot pavement
  • Easy to install


  • I wonder about the long-term durability of plastic?

Video Detailing the Elephant Feet Installation


Having used them now for a while in different locations from a fancy RV resort paved pad to rough desert boondocking ground, I give the Lippert Elephant Feet for our fifth wheel the old Love Your RV! thumbs up. They are perfect for me because unlike some folks I see that like to stack blocks of wood or plastic high in the air I usually only use a simple 2-inch wood board to help spread out the weight. Now I just arrive at the site and lower my 10″ wide Elephant Feet and I’m good to go. They are always attached.

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