Essential RV Ipad Apps List

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This post contains my Essential RV iPad Apps List I use all the time while RVing. These aren’t all the apps I use or have used but the ones I find essential. Some are completely free and some have a small fee for use.


One of the most important things to know during any RV trip is the weather. These are the three apps I use to check out the latest forecasts.

Weather Channel
This app is very comprehensive, well put together and pretty to look . You can set a bunch of locations in a favorites list, get 10-day forecasts, watch video clips from The Weather Network, get pollen forecasts ,etc. It has a great built-in map with all the different weather layers like radar, cloud cover, UV index and more. It comes all wrapped up in a beautiful interface and includes gorgeous backgrounds.



This app is my favorite for getting the quick weather update. The interface, unlike The Weather Network, is very functional without all the pizzazz.  It uses the iPad’s built-in mapping. You just drag the circle to where you want the weather info from and it displays it. Quick and easy. I also like the layers you can set. One is for severe weather and lets you watch the storm moving in almost real-time.



Weathereye HD

This one is put out by The Weather Network in Canada. I use it to check out the weather back home but it also has good weather info for the US too and is an another forecast source I check with.


RV Parks and Campgrounds

Where to stay, where to stay? These are the apps with the answer.

Allstays – Camp and RV

This is my go-to app for RV park information. The app is just loaded with info on almost all the campgrounds and RV parks in the US and many in Canada. I love the map interface making it a breeze to zoom in and out of an area checking out all the parks. As well as campgrounds there are a slew of other listings like Walmart , Rest Stops, Truck stops, RV Dealers, Big Box stores, and Low Clearance locations. The camping information includes many types of accommodations, even places like Military, Moose Lodges, Army Corps,Elk Lodges, etc. I can’t rave enough about this app.



Passport America

Being a Passport America client, this app is handy. I wouldn’t call it a great interface to use but it does list all the parks that take Passport America and hooks you up with info on each.



Oh Ranger!

This app just keeps getting better and better. It started out showing all the State Parks but now does the National Parks too! It will give you a listing of all the parks in the area and information on all the services they offer.



Three apps that help me map out our adventures

Apple Maps

Prior to the IO6 update, this would have been Google Maps. Apple maps is OK, I like how fast it works but it’s not nearly as detailed as Google was on the iPad. Google had much more information on its maps. I eagerly await the Google Ipad App to return. In the meantime, I use Google Maps in the browser and Apple Maps.



Google Earth

This app is great for scouting out a place ahead of time. I also use it to see what I may be faced with on the journey to a spot. With it’s 3D type view I can evaluate hill grades, check what the highways look like and see prospective camping locations from the air. I usually have the photo layer turned on so I can look at the pictures folks took in the area, nice when planning a hike.



National Geographic Park Maps HD

This app only includes 20 parks but the maps are super detailed and downloadable so you don’t need a connection to use them. Very handy since we all know internet service in a National Park is sketchy at best. When you zoom in on the maps you get elevation contour lines and rivers, useful for planning hikes.



Four nice little utilities I use all the time.

RV Checklist

We use this app every time we break camp. It has a checklist of all the things that need to be done before departure. We have customized our list to include things unique to us. Important things like don’t forget the beagle and kiss your wife!



Gas Buddy

Nice little app for finding  the closest fuel stops and getting the up to date lowest prices. I use it far too much when towing. Sad smile

gas buddygas buddy2


Trip Advisor

When I arrive in an area one of the first things I do is turn this app on. It will give you the things to do, restaurants, etc. But the best thing is the reviews from fellow travelers. It’s nice to read a cross-section of reviews on whether a certain museum or attraction is really worth the time and money.




This app does one thing and does it well. It shows you the cell coverage on a map. This way you can plan if your likely to have coverage or not when you visit an area.



Well, that is my Essential RV iPad Apps List I use on the road. What are yours and why? Please leave a comment and let us know!


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