Extra RV Shelving Mod for Our Towels and Linens

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I’m always looking for ways to increase storage in the RV, but at the same time keep weight under control. One pain point for us has been storage of towels and linen. The take up a lot of space. Most of it is crammed into a hard to reach cabinet making access cumbersome.

When looking for extra storage space, I found an unused area directly above our toilet. There seemed to be enough room to mount a shelf or a small cabinet. I tested first to make sure I wouldn’t hit my head while doing my business. Then, off to the building supply store, I went.

RV Towel and Linen Shelf

In the shelving section, I found a wire basket type shelf to do the trick. Not only is it lightweight it was super easy to mount. Since the load is only towels or linens, a few screws and some plastic cable holders did the trick.

Cable Holders use for attaching to the wall

We have used the shelf for a few months now, and it’s worked out well, a welcome addition to the rig. The towel rack does block the overhead toilet lighting a bit, but it was overly bright anyway, so not a problem.

Video Detailing the Shelving Mod

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