EZ Snap RV Winter Skirting Installation and Demo

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For the upcoming winter, I’ve decided to install RV vinyl skirting from a company called EZ Snap. I’ve been using EZ Snap RV window shades for over three years now and found the snaps and shade material have held up well. So, when shopping for winter skirting, they were a natural option for me to explore.

I find price-wise, the EZ Snap RV Skirting kit falls between various DIY builds and a full custom vinyl skirting installation. It’s lightweight but still strong and reasonably straightforward to install. Plus, when not in use, easy to fold up and store.

In this first of two installation videos, I install the main RV skirting. In part two, I will install another taller section of skirting under the fifth overhang forming a little storage shed area.

EZ Snap Installation – Part 1 Main Skirting

In this second installation video, I install the EZ Snap fifth wheel kit to form a small storage shed area under the fifth wheel trailer front overhang area. In the video, I show where I placed the EZ Snap studs and demoed the optional sewn on the zipper door I included with my order.

Creating a Fifth Wheel Shed with EZ Snap Skirting

Luckily enough, I finished the job just before major systems of Pacific coast storms rolled through the area. The storms dump tons of rain on us and whipped up strong wind gusts as high as 70 KPH.

It was a great initial test for the new EZ Snap winter skirting, which performed well. So far, I’m pleased with the setup. I’ll come back in a couple of months once temps get the coldest here and give my full review on the skirting performance. Stay tuned.

Time-Lapse Video of Removal and Reinstallation

In this video, I provide some time-lapse footage of me removing and reinstalling the winter skirting. I also add some 3M No Residue Duct Tape to the top seam to keep out water.

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Installing EZ Snap RV Skirting on to my Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer Part 1 Main Skirting

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