Fall in Goldstream Provincial Park, BC – Salmon Run, Waterfall, and Eagles!

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Footage from my October 31st, 2019 visit to Goldstream Provincial Park just west of Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. I was joined by my sister for a fun hike and river exploration. Each autumn, the river fills with returning salmon, which attracts a variety of birds, including plentiful bald eagles, to join in a feeding frenzy as the salmon spawn then dies.

In the video, I show you the salmon in the river, the birds, a beautiful waterfall, the visitor center, and some gorgeous hiking trails. A highlight for me is when I put my new Akaso action camera to the test and use its waterproof case to get some cool underwater footage of the salmon battling the river current.

It’s incredible to see the physical transformation of the salmon as they develop hooked jaws and large teeth during the spawning time. They look like underwater monsters!

Visiting Goldstream Provincial Park Video Highlights

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Visiting Goldstream Provincial Park in Fall 2019 to view the annual salmon run

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