Fellow Fulltime RVer’s Massive Boondocking Power System

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Recently while camped near Quartzsite, AZ my good friend Eddie from Mobile Homestead Solar Services was kind enough to walk us through his massive boondocking power system. On the roof is 1800 watts of solar powering 900 amp hours of battery bank capacity. His beautifully laid out and wired off-grid power system is installed in a fifth-wheel style trailer he even built himself!

In the video, we head on the roof and have Eddie explain the solar panel layout, wiring, and how they are attached to tilt using his custom brackets. Then there are several clips he recorded previously explaining the elaborate hookup of twin 60 amp Tristar solar charge controllers and two 2000 watt Magnum inverters.

After those clips I rejoin him as he explains the various inside display panels that provide system performance information like the voltage, amperage, amp-hours, wattage, etc. The video finishes up with Eddie telling us some of the stuff he powers on a day to day basis.

Video Overview of a Huge Off-Grid RV Power System

See more videos from Eddie about off-grid RV power systems and his home-built camper on the  Mobile Homesteading YouTube Channel

Walk through look at my friends huge 1800 watt 900 amp hour RV boondocking off grid power system

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