Finally Picked Myself Up a Proper Ladder for Fulltime RVing

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Well, after over 4 years of full timing on the road in our RV I finally got myself a proper full timer’s ladder. Not sure what took me so long and probably lucky I haven’t taken a spill off the little cheap 3 step ladder I’ve been using.

I guess it’s because I’ve been blessed with good health and agility so have been satisfied to stretch and reach and head up on the roof with ease. But, I am getting older every year and more and more it’s getting to be a bad idea. A bad fall could bring our amazing lifestyle to a quick end.

Werner MT13CA ladder is beagle approved
Werner MT13CA ladder is beagle approved

Since I do all the maintenance on the RV myself plus love to do all sorts of mods and upgrades I needed a very versatile ladder. It also must be lightweight, easy to store and able to handle my 190 lbs. After a little shopping around I went with the Werner MT-13 foldable telescoping ladder.

Werner MT-13CA 13 FT Telescoping MultiLadder

The Werner MT-13CA weighs in at a light 32 pounds and folds down to a mere 43 inches long. This makes it perfect for storing in my truck bed. I see many ladders lashed on the rear RV ladder, but that makes me a little nervous considering some of the rough roads we travel on and how flimsy the RVs built-in ladder is.

Compacts to 43" tall

This Werner MultiLadder can quickly be configured for a variety of tasks around the RV. It can act as a small step ladder for cleaning the trailer windows, lower side wall areas and work around the truck.

Next it can be setup as a 5-foot tall step ladder, perfect for reaching all the very highest side wall spots and front cap regions. In this configuration, I can get at the high light fixtures, check the roof line sealants, and clean the gutters, etc.

Finally, the Werner MT-13CA can be fully extended to 13 feet. With this much extension, I can easily reach every spot on my Cougar Fifth Wheel and work on most parts of the roof. Not bad for something that comes in such a small package.

Things that sold me on the Werner MT-13CA Ladder

  • Load capacity is 300 lbs. – this was about 50 pounds more that most comparable ladders. I’m 190 and doubt that is going to get any less going forward and I’m safe to climb it even while carrying a load.
  • It is a Grade 1A ladder meaning suitable for commercial/industrial use – stronger than your normal household ladder.
  • Ease of adjustment. The ladder is very quick and simple to reconfigure utilizing two large push knobs and pull levers to unfold and telescope.
  • Wide Flared bottom rails make for a very secure feeling on the ladder.
  • Nicely finished metal – the corners on the rails are rounded and smooth.
  • Compact size and weight – 43 inches tall and 32 pounds.

Video Review of the Werner MT13 MultiLadder

I’m looking forward to using this ladder right away as it’s time to prepare for the upcoming snowbird travel season. Time to give the RV a thorough wash & wax and complete my Eternabond roof reseal project I started last spring. Also, soon I plan to install some more solar panels. It will be nice to not have to ask to borrow an RV neighbor’s ladder, now folks will want to be borrowing mine!

Finally Picked Myself Up a Proper Ladder for Fulltime RVing Werner MT-13 foldable telescoping ladder - Love Your RV! blog - #RVing #fulltimer

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