Finding the Rock Snake Near Borrego Springs, California

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There’s a Giant Snake in them Hills!

While moseying about on one of them there internet blogs (Hat tip for the info on the snake to Nina at I heard tell that there is a giant snake in the hills near the town of Borrego Springs, California. A GIANT SNAKE! Well we just had to go have a look see for ourselves and decided to rise early the next morning and hike up there on yonder in the hills near our camp.

Trail Leading up to the Snake   Anne Reaches the Top

Luckily we attained the GPS coordinates kindly provided and turned on our new-fangled Ipad thingy and commenced to climbing following the little goat-like trail with our trusty tracker hound Angie leading the way. After about 20 minutes of climbing we reached the summit of the small hillside and were delighted with what we saw. Sure enough there it was a cool looking snake sculpted outta rocks collected from the nearby desert floor.

Beuatiful Morning in Borrego   Snake with its Scorpion pal

We scrambled on down and got ourselves a closer look and loved the little details that went into the piece. There was a rattle at the back end and a snake head with white eyes and a forked tongue at the other. All along the body were placed small white quartz rocks. In front of the snakes head was a cute little mouse and off to the side a scorpion. Too Cool!

Snake, Mouse and Scorpion

Snake Rear View with Rattle   Giant Snake Made Out of Rocks

Angie inside the Snake   Angie Loves our Morning Hikes

Up where the snake is located you get some great views of the surrounding valley and distant mountain ranges. We could see back to an overview of the boondocking area we came from and our now very small looking truck and fifth wheel.

Clarke Dry Lake Boondocking

The Little Blue and White Specs is Our Rig   Morning Hike Borrego Springs in the distance

In the other direction I could see more boondocking and all the way to the town of Borrego Springs. What a great way to start the day with a little morning hike to see the rock snake. This is one of the many reasons I love the Borrego area, so many neat little things to find and explore in such beautiful stark desert environments. Next we plan to head over to another corner of Anza-Borrego to take a self-guided nature walk called Yaqui Well Trail. Stay tuned for that..

My Video Showing the Snake and Surrounding Landscape


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