Foggy Start, Cloudy Day, Grizzly Sighting! – Charles Bay to Cameleon Harbour BC

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We left Charles Bay in Blind Channel early on a foggy morning after a rainy night spent at anchor. The plan is to head back to Lund for a few days to restock our groceries/supplies and check on the truck and trailer in the storage yard.

Charles Bay to Cameleon Harbour Map

It’s a fair distance in a slow 7-knot boat, so we needed to have a few stopovers on the way. First up is Cameleon Harbour near Thurston Provincial Marine Park, Sonora Island. Along the way, during a gray cloudy trip, we explored Philips and Frederick Arms. The trip’s highlight was a grizzly sighting as it hunted for shellfish to eat along a rocky beach. Too cool!

Grizzly Sighting Philips Arm

Charles Bay to Cameleon Harbour Video

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Charles Bay to Cameleon Harbour Boat Trip British Columbia Coast

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