Haloview BT12 Install & Review – Wireless Rearview Camera + Dash Cam

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In this first video, I install the new Haloview Byte Tango 12 (BT12) wireless RV rearview camera system, featuring a dash cam, Carplay/Android Auto, a 10″ touchscreen display, and much more.

I’ll use it in my Ram 3500 towing our 30′ fifth wheel trailer for about a month and return with a full review.

*Fair Disclosure* I received the Haloview BT12 Kit as a complimentary review sample.

Screen Grabs from Real World Haloview BT12 Footage

Wireless Rear Cam View
BT12 Wireless Rear Cam View on Busy Freeway – I10 in Arizona
Hitching Up - Rear Dash Cam View
BT12 Dash Cam on Rear Truck Window – Hitching Up Our Trailer View

BT12 Wireless Vehicle Observation System Review

I’m back in this second video to review the Haloview Byte Tango (BT12) Vehicle Observation System. First is a deep dive into all the screens, features, and settings.

Then I will show you real-world footage from the wireless rear cam and wire dash camera. The video finishes up with my Likes and Dislikes lists.


  • Bright Display with Matte Finish
  • Mirror Mount Fits Nicely with the 10″ Wide Screen
  • Touch Screen and Voice Control
  • Good Wireless Signal 2-3 bars on Average
  • WiFi Access for RoadCam App
  • 1080P Rear Cam and 1440P Dash Cam 30 FPS
  • CarPlay/Android Auto Functionality
  • Spotlight on Rear Cam for Night Parking


  • Poor sound on my Ram Truck Radio
  • No Auxillary Sound Output Port
  • Display Case Gets Hot After Prolonged Use
  • Dashcam Wire only 1.5M (5ft) Long
  • No Ability to Add More Cameras


Overall the pros outway the cons for me, and I plan to use the BT12 system going forward.  The system does what I need well and physically fits perfectly on my Ram pickup mirror. We have two more months of our current snowbird trip left to go. If any problems crop up, I’ll update this post. Cheers, Ray

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