Haloview RD7 Wireless Rear View Camera Kit (Extended Range)

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In the video, I demo a new wireless camera system offering from Haloview. The RD7 Range Dominator kit is designed for extra-long vehicles such as a large motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer or a semi-truck. It comes with 12 meters (39.37 feet) of cable and a transmitter to be installed between the camera and display to boost the signal range.

For this demo, I temporarily hook it up on the roof of my fifth wheel and give you a look at the picture quality and range. I also go through the contents of the kit and show the on-screen settings and recording capability.

Overall I give the RD7 kit a thumbs up. In my testing, It performs even better than the MC7108 model that I used for last year’s 6-month trip. (See my Haloview MC7108 system review) 

Fair Disclosure: I received the Haloview RD7 kit free of charge for this demo/review.

Haloview RD7 Range Dominator Demo Video

Update – Thanks to those that entered the giveaway. A winner was selected at random on Oct 25th, 2019. The Haloview RD7 kit goes to a 40-foot fifth-wheel owner from Texas. Looking forward to seeing how it works for him.

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RD7 Kit on Amazon

RD7 Kit on Haloview Website 

Demo of the Haloview RD7 Range Dominator Wireless RV RearView Camera System

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