Installing a TadiBrothers Wireless RV Backup Camera System

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I was recently approached by a company called TadiBrothers and asked if I could review their wireless RV backup camera. A rearview camera has been on my wishlist for a while so after researching the product online a bit I happily accepted the offer. Judging by the specs and opinions of most owners it looks like a great setup.

After opening up the box, I was happy with the physical quality of the included items. The camera had a metal body and a good bit of weight to it. I was also impressed with the look and feel of the companion 7-inch display. The kit included an assortment of mounting brackets and electrical wiring providing several options for my installation. (See video below for a full rundown)


Installing the RV Backup Camera on my Fifth Wheel

The first task was to locate a suitable location for the rear camera. I decided to mount it high up on the back of the trailer right at the end of the roof. This would give a bird’s eye view when backing the RV into a campground site. But even more important for me is a good rear view of the traffic behind me when towing.


The wireless camera needs 12 volt DC power to operate. I figured a great place to find it was behind the fifth wheels switch panel. The panel is located close to the camera location, and I would be able to hide the wiring inside a set of storage cabinets. All I had to do was drill the holes to run the wire.

I first drilled a small pilot hole using a long 1/8ths inch drill bit passing through an attic section of the roof. Once I was sure the drilled path was workable I opened it up with larger bits. I then taped the wiring to the long drill bit and used it to feed it down. I used a round plastic junction box on the roof to cover the hole and serve dual duty for my cellular booster antenna wire.


Rather than making a hard hookup to the 12-volt power source I installed myself a 12 volt lighter socket style connection. This gave me the ability to quickly disconnect the power to the camera when off grid camping.


Installing the RV Backup Camera 7″ Display

The TadiBrothers camera screen was super easy to install on the dash of our pickup. I used the adjustable suction cup mount instead of using screws to attach it permanently. I wanted it to be easily removable for times we aren’t towing the trailer and if in an area where I felt thief may be an issue.


Next, I was able to find a pathway in the dashboard to hide a thin set of wires to a 12-volt power source. The source I chose was the backlighting for my transmission temperature gauge. Therefore, the wireless backup camera display comes on when I flick on the truck lights. Since I always tow with my lights on it’s not a problem and this way I will never forget to turn the camera power off.

Video: Unboxing and Installing My Wireless RV Backup Camera

First Impressions and Review to Come

So far I haven’t had a chance to use the system too much but have some extensive travel planned in a few weeks so a full Love Your RV! review is one the way. I can say though the picture looks great and the installation was easy. Everything works as advertised. I haven’t seen any wireless transmission glitches; the video has been solid.

I did one test and drove the truck away from the rig to see when the picture disappeared. It was a good hundred yards until loss of transmission, through trees even! I’m looking forward to using it when towing on the highways as my rearview mirror. Stay tuned.


I recently switch my backup camera to a different brand called Haloview. I have found it has a better picture than the Tadibrothers and also records video footage onto an SD card.  Here is a link to my Haloview Model MC7108 Review

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