Installing TOGO Roadlink C2 with $30 a Month Unlimited Data

In this video, I install the TOGO Roadlink C2 by Winegard WiFi Booster and 4G LTE router on the roof of the RV. Then I go over the product setup and operation and give it a quick 4G data speed test.

The TOGO device comes with an exclusive cell data plan offering from AT&T. For an upfront cost of $360, you get 1 year of unlimited 4G data. A pretty sweet deal for RVers that travel and camp a lot. They also have a monthly plan – 5 gigs for $25.

Disclaimer: the TOGO hardware was provided to me free of charge for the review. I did pay $360 for the cell plan though. – Ray

I have purchased the yearly unlimited plan and will test it over the next few weeks as we travel in the US southwest. I’ll then come back with my full review of the TOGO RV performance.

TOGO RV Roadlink C2 Installation Video

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Installing TOGO Roadlink C2 by Winegard with $30 a Month Unlimited Data

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