Installing Wireless Blind Spot Radar for the RV – Haloview Sens 3 ADAS System

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In this video, I install Haloview’s new Sens 3 Wireless Blindspot Radar System onto my 30 foot Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. I show how I hook up the power to my RV 12VDC system via the rigs running light circuit.

Then, I go through the control module settings and give you a quick demo of it in action on a freeway. Stay tuned in a month or two; after some real-world use and testing, I’ll be back with my product review.

RV Blind Spot Radar Warning System - Haloview Sens 3

*Fair Disclosure* I received the Haloview RD7R kit free of charge as a review sample. I’m also a Haloview affiliate making a sales commission on referrals.

Haloview Sens 3 ADAS System Installation Video

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Installing Blind Spot Radar Warning System - Haloview Sens 3

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