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Love Your RV Forum Update

During our snowbird season traveling the South West Desert areas this year I have been hard at work on my pet project developing an RVing Community website called Love Your RV Forum. In the last while I have been improving the look of the site with an upgraded theme and adding many cool new features to enhance the member’s experience. One nice feature of the site is it is mobile friendly so you can access it on a smart phone or tablet and it looks and operates nicely on the smaller screen size. I’ve also recently installed some new photo / file upload and viewing capabilities plus a points (which we call “Cheers”) and member rank system.

Love Your RV Forum Screenshot

There are a couple hundred members now and growing. My goal is to make it like a virtual happy hour where we gather to chat, make friends and share the adventure of the RV lifestyle. The site has a lot of great features. My aim from day one has been to make a social website just for RVers, easy to use but at the same time a powerful tool to share and communicate with each other online. Take a look at this video I just uploaded to YouTube giving you an overview of the site and what you can do on it.

Love Your RV Forum Video Overview

If you’re new to RVing this is a terrific place to meet and mingle with others who love the RV life. I invite everyone of whatever level of RVing knowledge to join up, even if you don’t even have an RV yet. Hopefully we more experienced veteran RVers can share our knowledge and help out the newbies out there. Registration is quick, free and simple and you can easily delete your account at any time if it is not for you.

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Hope to see you all at the happy hour! Cheers Ray

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