LCI Flow Max Stainless Steel RV Faucet Installation + New Sink

In this video, our Keystone Cougar kitchen gets a significant upgrade. I remove the 9-year-old dual plastic faucets and replace them with beautiful looking single stainless steel unit. The Flow Max RV faucet I chose is made from 304-grade stainless steel and comes with a pull-down faucet head and two flow patterns.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this LCI product sample free of charge for the install and review.

For installation, I drilled a 1 1/2 inch hole in my countertop and inserted the faucet fixing it in place via a collar nut from below. Then I screwed the hot and cold line into the existing OEM plastic PEX connections. To finish the install, I attach an included clamp-on weight to the pull-down faucet cable. The weight allows the faucet head to smoothly retract back in place after pulling it down.

Drilling Hole and Installed Collar Nut

Flow Max Plumbing Install

Pull Down Faucet Head

When I decided to upgrade the faucet, I also decided to upgrade the sink. LCI has an assortment of stainless steel sinks to compliment the Flow Max faucets but didn’t have the dimensions and style I was looking for. So I sourced a kitchen sink from a Canadian company called Stylish KB and purchased it myself off (see links below).

The new kitchen sink upgrade didn’t go quite as planned, and I hit a few snags. The sink is a little too small for the existing counter hole, and one of the drains interferes with a kitchen drawer. Stay tuned for a future video where I’ll solve those issues and let you know how we like our new Flow Max faucet.

Video Detailing the Flow Max Stainless Faucet Installation

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Sink Update Video

Just a quick update video to let you know how I’ve ironed out the unforeseen problems I faced during the sink installation.

Installing a Flow Max Stainless Steel RV kitchen faucet from Lippert Components

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