Lion Energy Lithium Battery UT 1300 – Review Update

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In this video, I update you on how it’s going with the new Lion Energy UT 1300 batteries now that I have been doing some real-world tests boondocking in the southwest.

I’ve been able to charge the batteries perfectly well with my existing Bogart solar controller and my Intelipower PD9260 converter charger by using its manual charge wizard button. The OEM WFCO 8955 converter charger doesn’t do a great job, charges slowly, and sometimes stalls at random starts of charge.

Overall it’s a thumbs up for performance. They have been working as expected.

Things I really like vs the old lead-acid batteries:

  • faster charging
  • don’t have to bring the batteries regularly to a full state of charge
  • less voltage sag under load so better motor performances at a low state of charge
  • no maintenance

*Fair Disclosure* I received the Safari UT batteries free of charge from Lion Energy in exchange for reviewing them, and I’ve become an affiliate earning a commission on sales. However, I’m not sponsored by Lion Energy and receive no direct monetary compensation for the videos and blog posts. Opinions are my own.

Lion UT 1300 Battery Update after some Real World Usage

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Update on my new Lion Energy UT 1300 lithium batteries after some real world boondocking

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