Lithium Battery Charge Test – Can You Use a Lead Acid Converter/Charger?

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In this video, I do an experimental test by charging my Lion Energy UT1300 batteries using my regular OEM lead-acid converter charger and my InteliPower PD9260 converter with the optional Charge Wizard pendant. The Charge Wizard allows me to override the normal lead-acid charging algorithm and put the charger into 14.4V manual boost mode.

I discuss how this is effective at charging my RV lithium batteries and how standard RV battery chargers won’t work as well. Lithium batteries require anywhere from 14.2V to 14.6V of constant charge voltage. This can be accomplished with a lithium specific charge converter, some sophisticated hybrid inverter/chargers often found in higher-end RVs, and as you’ll see via the manual override pendant on my PD9260 InteliPower charger.

I also demonstrate in the video how many of the OEM charging setups produce poor amperage flows to larger lead-acid battery banks and lithium type batteries. This is due to small charge cable gauge and long wire runs. My theory is they do this to save money on cable, make the installation easy next to the power center, and reduce the chances of overcharging lead-acid batteries. I guess better to chronically undercharge them than to risk overcharging them producing excess gassing and possible boil overs of the battery acid.

Lead Acid Converter Charging Lithium Batteries

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Lithium Battery Charge Test - Can You Use a Lead Acid Converter Charger?

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