Lithium RV Battery DEEP FREEZE Test (Lion Energy Safari UT1300)

In this video, I perform an informal, unscientific test of the Safari UT1300 lithium batteries cold-weather performance. Charge/discharge tests, how low can you go?

I put the battery inside a plastic file box to simulate a battery box and load it into my deep freeze. I then and test the charge and discharging amperage at low temperatures, all the way down to -5F. The conclusion is that even though the low temp charging and discharging specs are 32F and -4F respectively, the real-world operation is much lower.

I theorize that this is due to the fact the battery itself creates some of its own heat while running. I’m pretty sure the internal BMS (Battery Monitor System) circuit board and maybe the lithium cells themselves are creating some warmth.

Lithium Battery Deep Freeze Test Video

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Lithium RV Battery DEEP FREEZE Test - Lion Energy Safari UT1300

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