Love Your RV Gets a Summer Makeover

As we approach the middle of summer I find myself with one of those crappy summer colds. Blah! While it runs it’s course I decided to use this down time to give the website a little love by updating the design. Over the last few years I have been adding articles, videos and photos at a pretty consistent pace and the amount of archive content on the site is getting pretty substantial. There are over 260 posts but the trick is to make it easy for you the reader to find them. So with that in mind I’ve tried to really simplify the process as much as I could.

I’ve broken the site into 4 main categories.

Each of these categories has a very simple page containing a list of all the related articles with the feature thumbnail image and heading. Since I RV using a fifth wheel trailer I have special categories for those posts found in the main navigation link bar under fifth wheel guide. Also on the main navigation bar you’ll find a link to my photo gallery. Here is where I have all my travel photos stored into galleries based on location.

New Love Your RV theme screenshoot

Other ways to find subjects you are interested in are found along the right side of the web page in what’s called the sidebar. Starting at the top you’ll find a search box which will search Love Your RV for content based on the keywords entered. Further down the side bar is “Recent Posts”, a drop down listing of all categories, and what is called a “tag cloud”. Click on any word in the tag cloud and you’ll get a page with related articles.

Video Tour of the *Updated* Love Your RV Website

Improved Speed and Readability

Other than helping you easily find my websites content the two other main goals were to improve speed and readability. I’ve worked really hard to get the pages to load as quick as possible. This is always a tug of war between offering fancy bells and whistles versus a fast loading page. Hopefully I have stuck the right balance with this update. Once you get the page loaded you need to be able to easily read it. With this in mind I have chose the fonts and typography I feel is simple and large enough for easy reading.

Improved Mobile Experience

The website is designed to adapt to ay screen size and should work well on various size phones and tablets. The menus look and operate a little different but all the same content is there but presented in one column mode making it easy to scroll through.

Love Your RV Mobile


I really hope you like the look of updated Love Your RV website and find it easier to navigate and enjoy the content. I love sharing my life as a full time RVer and helping out others by documenting my experiences. It’s been a ton of work to go through and look for any bugs on pages, missing links, messed up formatting and hope that I have found most of it. But if you come across across anything please let me know. You can shoot me an email at [email protected] or use the contact link at the very top of the page. Thanks so much for visiting Love Your RV! – Cheers Ray

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