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*Warning* Beginning shameless self-promotion. If this offends you please hit the back button now. 😉

For many years now Love Your RV! has been part of the Amazon Associates program. I earn a small commission when a reader shops through a special affiliate link posted on the website. Recently Amazon has offered an extension to the associate program for so-called “Social Media Influencers” with a qualifying YouTube account.

I decided to apply and was accepted! The just of the program is I get my very own page on to showcase all my RV Product recommendations in one spot. The page is easily shareable through a simplified unique vanity URL –

Love Your RV! Amazon page -
Love Your RV! Amazon page –

At this time, it’s is limited to a single page with a grid listing of products. But hopefully, as the program evolves they will expand it to include a method for me to categorize things. I’m only listing RV related products that we currently use or have used in the past. These are products I feel are useful enough and of sufficient quality to get a Love Your RV! recommendation.

New Love Your RV! Amazon Page Announcement Video

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have shopped through my Love Your RV! affiliate links. It is much appreciated! I really try to only promote RV products I’m using myself or strongly believe in. Also, please know that I haven’t accepted any sponsored posts or have been paid for my reviews.

The vast majority of the stuff is purchased by myself. However I am frequently offered free product samples in exchange for a review. Be assured I only accept them if I have full editorial control over what I can write or say. And I tell you up front the product was a freebie to me.  Sincerely Ray

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