Loving Our RV More Than Ever

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Back Loving Our RV

Well after 6 weeks we are back in our little home on wheels and doing what we love. Hitting the open road wondering what interesting adventures lay ahead. I love the excitement and anticipation of a new day and what will it bring.

Cougar 276RLSWE Door Side View

We were forced to put our RVing lifestyle on hold when my wife Anne was faced with a scary possibility. During a visit to the hospital a few months back for a stomach pain, which turned out to be gas and nothing serious, they spotted a shadow on her liver during the ultrasound test. This set in motion a cascading series of tests: CAT scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine Scan and a Needle Biopsy. All these were done to rule out cancer. Scary stuff! The worse part of it all is the waiting for results and the next test wondering if it will turn out to be the worse outcome. Thankfully the results are in and it looks to be a benign type of lump called Focal Nodular Hyperplasia (FNH).

Focal Nodular Hyperplasia MRI

We had been schedule to leave Canada on the 20th of October but with Anne’s condition that was not possible and we had to make a decision regarding living in the RV as the weather grew colder and colder. Many folks do winter in on Vancouver Island but it would involve skirting the RV, adding more heaters, larger propane tank, heat stripping the water hose, etc. It is doable, but even with all the modifications, not the most comfortable environment to be waiting on test results. So the decision was made to do a quick winterization our RV and move in with Anne’s parents until things were sorted out. Boy was that the right move. The tests end up dragging on into December and by then we were hit with a record cold snap. Brrrrr!

Cold Snap

We were cleared medically to leave for our snowbird season down south last week. Finally the cold subsided and the warmer wet pacific air returned to the coast. Man I never thought I would love towing in foggy, rainy weather but that first day driving through Washington state I was happy as a clam. We were back doing what we loved and feel more fortunate than ever to live this lifestyle. Anne’s cancer scare has reconfirmed that the decision we made almost 3 years ago to sell our sticks and bricks, simplify our lives and hit the road in an RV was the right one.

Being back in a regular house with all the conveniences available like high speed internet, cable TV, tons of space, long hot showers, was nice and all but doesn’t hold a candle to our cozy little fifth wheel that takes us to so many beautiful places.  You don’t realize how much something truly means to you until it is taken away and that has proven to be doubly so when it comes to our RV lifestyle. We will be savoring this upcoming year more than ever. My advice to anyone sitting on the fence pondering whether go for it and live your dream is to go for it! Life is short and precious and tomorrow is not promised.

Small Sample of Our Backyards in the RV

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