Lvgoo LV12V130 Lithium Battery Disassembly & Review

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I’m reviewing an interesting lithium battery from a company called Lvgoo. Unlike many 128V 100 amp hours, this one (model LV12V130) is 130 amp hours. The construction is also a little different, using a metal case and stepped-down terminals.

In this video, I tested its charging and discharging performance, then took it apart to look inside. One big perk of the battery is its ease of disassembling and parts replacement if needed. I was impressed by the quality of the build, one of the best I’ve seen.

Lvgoo LV12V130 Review Video


  • 130 Ah
  • Excellent Construction – Top Marks
  • Included Terminal Isolators
  • 120 Amp Discharge
  • Connect Up to 4 in Series
  • Sub 600$ Price Tag


  • No Low Temp Protection
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • New Company – No History
  • Comparatively Low Max Charge Rate

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