Maine and New Hampshire

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Well we crossed back into the US of A at Northern Maine to go visit my fellow TV tech Brian who lives in Caribou, Maine. He was nice enough to let us camp out on his property. We hung out for a couple fun days of good food, drink and playing with his cool sheep dog Yoder. Wish we could have stayed longer as the leaf colors were looking great and it was fun to hang with a fellow tech but it was getting cold! And the trailer doesn’t like freezing temps.

So we headed down to the coast to Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor and were treated to a couple of nice warm summer like days and beautiful scenery. Then we drove across to New Hampshire and spent a couple more days viewing the famous fall colors, wow the trees sure put on a show.

Unfortunately though the trees are in full color, they are late this year and it’s getting cold again so we are going to blast down south to ,Shenandoah National Park, Virginia where there still will be fall color but the temps will be better.

More photos here

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