Meguiar’s Dual-Action Polisher – Power Drill Attachment

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The other day I decided to do my wife Anne a favor and wash and wax her boat Snoopy. Snoopy is her pride and joy! An Arima Sea Chaser 17. She has had it since new 14 years ago and likes to keep it looking ship-shape. (check out a few boat trip videos)

Anne's Boat Snoopy

However, at 14 years old, with the slow breakdown of the gel coat, especially on the top decks, polishing and waxing by hand have become a little harder. Therefore, I was looking around to buy myself a polisher, not only for Anne’s boat but also for the RV and truck. Being a full-time RVer, I wanted something I could keep with us in the RV. Storage space and weight are always a concern, so I was happy when I came across the Meguiar’s DA Power System.

Meguiars DA Polisher G3500

The Meguair’s DA polisher is a small drill activated polisher. Since I already carry a 20V cordless power drill in the RV, I’d just be adding the small, lightweight attachment and not a whole separate polisher. I picked the Meguiar DA due to excellent online reviews and the fact that it’s a Dual-Action polisher versus a plain circular unit. I read dual-action rotation does a better job with less chance of overheating and damaging the paint or gel coat. DA polishers are generally larger sized and more expensive than a simple circular unit.

Close up look at the Meguiars DA Polisher

The little polisher attachment worked great, allowing me to quickly shine up Anne’s boat with much less effort than hand waxing. The polisher is well built. The metal parts are precisely machined, and the plastic outer shell plus handle have a heavy-duty feel to them. My only quibble with the product would be with the pads. The glue that holds the velcro attachment material appears weak as it started to peel off after some use. I had read this in other reviews.

Peeling polish pad

In this video, I take it apart and give you a closer look then a demo of it in action on a few sections of our RV. I also give you a look at how Anne’s Snoopy boat turned out. Many brownie points earned. 🙂

Video Review of the Meguiar’s DA Polisher

I bought the Meguair’s DA Power System at Canadian Tire for 69.99 CAD. It’s also available on Amazon in both the USA and Canada.

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