Metal Detecting Goes Well With RVing

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Ever since I was a small boy I loved to find treasures. I remember scouring the neighborhood in search of pop bottles or lost coins. When I grew up and metal locators became available I bought one and was hooked. Nothing like the thrill of unearthing that rare coin, gleaming gold ring or historic artifact.

Metal Detecting is a great hobby and a natural for the RV lifestyle. As we travel to so many locations there is usually a great opportunity to hunt a new place all the time.  Some places are going to be off-limits, such as National and State Parks but there is a ton of BLM land available and if you ask many landowners will grant permission.

The most exciting hunts for me are the ones where I may unearth a historic old item. You find so many interesting things and half the fun is researching the origin and history of the item. I equate detecting to fishing, some days you may get skunked but every once in a while you pull in the big one and that gets the juices flowing and keeps you coming back.


People ask “What do you find?  Coins, Jewellery, Old Toys, Badges, Buckles, Buttons, Lanterns, Knives, Guns, Tin Items, etc.  Almost every time out I will find something unique. That’s the fun of it, never knowing exactly what you’ll discover.

You can spend a lot of money on a metal detector if you want, there are many very advanced models on the market. I used to sell detectors as part of my electronics repair business and got to try many different models and brands. For someone who just wants to do it as a now and then hobby or is just starting out I highly recommend the ACE 250 from Garrett Metal Detectors. It’s a very simple to use but powerful little lightweight unit.  The ACE 250 is the one I pack around with me when traveling. I throw it in the back of the truck and if I see an interesting place it’s there waiting to hunt.

It takes only 4 “AA” batteries to run and they last for 25-30 hours of hunt time. Also, it breaks down into a smaller package, so it’s easy to stow away in the RV. They are a very durable unit made of ABS plastics and can stand up to some abuse.

Ace 250 Metal Detector

I find metal detecting is a great excuse for a walk and gets me out in the fresh air and clears my head of distractions. When hunting I get to concentrating on only the hunt and forget anything else. If you’re looking for an interesting hobby to do while RVing I highly recommend you get yourself a metal detector and join us nerds out there looking for treasure!

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