New WiFi Add-on for the Trimetric Battery Monitor (Installation and Demo)

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In this video, I install and tell you a bit about my latest RV gadget, the new WF-2030 WiFi add-on module for my Bogart Trimetric Battery Monitor System.

The WiFi module installs easily beside the battery monitor via a data cable and a pair of power wires. Once installed it allows me to access performance data and adjust settings for the Trimetric TM-2030 BMS and companion SC2030 solar controller via a webpage using a WiFi connection.

Disclaimer: Bogart Engineering sent me the WF-2030 WiFi Module and an updated Trimetric TM-2030 monitor and SC-2030 solar charge controller unsolicited, free of charge for my review. However, I’m in no way affiliated with Bogart and received no monetary compensation for this video.

WF2030 WiFi Module Demo Video

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Install and Demo of the new Bogart Engineering WiFi addon for the Trimetric Battery Monitor System

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