O-Grill 1000 Gas Barbecue

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This is our compact O-Grill  Gas Barbecue we use for our RV BBQ.  I like many things about the O-Grill 1000 Gas Barbecue

1. It easily folds down into a compact size which fits nicely in my basement RV storage compartment.

2. Came with its own storage bag.

3. Super easy to clean. The cast iron grill pops out, 2 screws removes the burner allowing access to all the inside surfaces.

4. Heavy cast iron grill cooks the meat nice and even.

I’ve used this grill for about 5 years now and it has given me faithful service with no troubles.

I have also had it modified so it can take advantage of the low-pressure LP gas quick connect on my Keystone Cougar 276RLSWE fifth-wheel RV. Because the RV’s output is already regulated hence the term “low pressure” I had to have the O-Grill’s internal regulator removed and some brass adapter pieces installed. I had this done by a Professional Gas Technician as it is out of the realm of what I feel comfortable doing. Safety First! I got the Pro to make me up a nice 15 flexible gas line as well.

I’m quite pleased with the result. No more buying the little 1 pound canisters and having to worry about where to transport them and dispose of them. Also, my propane costs are reduced dramatically running of the big 30 pound RV cylinder at about 75 cents a pound vs 5-7 dollars for the 1 pound throw-a-ways.

Here is a short video showing the setup


O-grill BBQ Gas Hookup to RV

DSC02273 (800x450)

DSC02272 (800x760)

An alternative to the O-Grill is the Weber Q1000.  Many people recommend this grill for RVing. I considered it also but went with the O-Grill because it was a little more compact for storage in my basement compartment.

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