Our last gasp of Florida

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Before we left Florida we made one more stop at a funky little fishing village called Cedar Key. Everything about it had that retro feel, like you are back in the seventies. The campground we stayed at even had an old trailer out front.

Anne and I headed into town and explored the small village on our bikes, which made for a great day. We of course stopped at one of the many waterside restaurants for our fill of some local seafood. yummm

On the local peir the pelicans were hanging around hoping to score some free fish from people fishing and Anne loves pelicans, so she had a blast.

Next morning we headed out to get some sunrise photography done. It was a beautiful morning and I was lucky to catch the boats heading out for the day of clam farming, which is the biggest industry here. The boats are very different. The steering is way up front and so is the engine. They call them “bird dog boats”


Leaving Florida was sad but west is where we need to go now. We have made stops in Alabama and are currently in Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi was devastated by Katrina and it still show, much of the oceanfront is empty lots. The casinos are back though and we spent an afternoon at the Hardrock Casino, had lunch and lost 5$ in the slots. Soon we head for New Orleans….

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