Panasonic HomeHawk Window Camera Review (RV Security)

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In this video, I demo and review a new security camera from Panasonic called the HomeHawk Window. What intrigued me about the product was the unique design. Unlike most security cameras that need to be mounted somewhere outside, the HomeHawk sticks on the inside of a window via a built-in suction cup or double-sided tape.

HomeHawk Window Camera

I figured this design would be ideal for RVers who want a security camera but don’t want to be drilling holes and mounting one outside. The usual problem with mounting cameras inside is too many reflections off the window glass. However, Panasonic designed the HomeHawk Window to eliminate virtually any window reflections.

Front of HomeHawk Window Camera

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received a HomeHawk Window Camera sample free of charge for the review.

Installation is super easy.  Clean the glass, then press the HomeHawk against it and close the suction cup clamp. Then plug the power cord into an AC outlet. Next, download the smartphone or tablet app and follow the instruction prompts.

Back of HomeHawk Window Camera

Note: The HomeHawk Window requires a WiFi router for the app connection. I used my existing Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi Booster.

Once it was all installed and the WiFi setup, I used the app to set my preferred recording mode. You can choose from Basic (no recording, just viewable) 24/7 ( records continuously and saves video in 5-minute clips) or Protection (only records when motion or a person is detected).  You can also add custom modes.

Smartphone App for HomeHawk Window Camera

The recordings get stored on a micro SD card (not included). You can use up to a 1 TeraByte card, which can hold 48 days of 24/7 recordings! You can view the recordings directly on your smartphone via WiFi or pull the micro SD card and plug it into a laptop.

When motion is detected, an alert can be sent to your phone. Alerts can be based on any activity or just when an actual person is seen. I found that the HomeHawk camera was very good at figuring out if the movement was indeed a person versus some other motion on the frame. With a 150-degree wide-angle view, the cam provides excellent coverage of an area. You can also set certain areas of the camera view not to be motion detected and adjust the movement sensitively. Handy if there is, say a waving tree branch in the frame.

Day time footage HomeHawk Window Camera

HomeHawk Grid

Another nice feature is remote monitoring when away. If your WiFi router is connected to the internet, then you can check in on the camera view or get motion alerts anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Perfect for when we are away from the RV.

Video Demo/Review of the HomeHawk Window Camera

HomeHawk Pros:

  • Respected Brand Name
  • Good Build Quality
  • Low Power Consumption 9 Watts 5V 1.8A
  • Easy Installation –  Sticks to Inside Window
  • Color Night Vision
  • 150 Degrees Wide Angle View
  • High Dynamic Range Video (HDR)
  • Records to removable Micro SD card up to 1 Terabyte (48 days)
  • 24/7 Video Recording
  • Alerts on all Motion or Just a Person
  • Can View and Receive Alerts when Away (If WiFi Router has Internet Connection)
  • Customizable Alert Area (i.e., Block Waving Branches)
  • No Window Reflections
  • Square Suction Cup Design – Sticks Well
  • Small and Light Weight (2 7/8″ x 5 1/8″x 1 17/64″) (0.29 lbs)
  • Inconspicuous Design
  • Multiple Devices Can Be Connected
  • No Ongoing Fees to Use the Camera

HomeHawk Cons:

  • Internal Fan Runs when Hot
  • Low-Resolution Camera (Only 2.1 MegaPixels)
  • Poor Footage when Extremely Dark Outside
  • No 12V Power Adapter for RV/Mobile Use
  • No Jump to Motion/Person Alerts when in 24/7 Record Mode
  • Can’t Save Video Clip to Phone or Tablet
  • No Desktop/Laptop Connection Ability

Night footage with a deer


Overall I like the HomeHawk Window Camera and give it an LYRV thumbs up. We’ll be using it in our rig from now on. I think its pros outweigh the cons for RVers looking for a simple to install and use security cam. 

HomeHawk View on Phone

Beyond being a security monitor, I can already see other use cases around the RV. For example, used its 24/7 video clips to create a beautiful timelapse video of the view behind our campsite. Or, I could see it being utilized as an RV backup/rearview camera.

TimeLapse Videos Made with HomeHawk 24/7 Video Footage


Review of the Panasonic HomeHawk Window Cam for RV Security

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