Quarantine Restraints Interior Cargo Safety System

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In this video, I show you a truck safety accessory I recently picked up for our travels with our fifth-wheel trailer. We are full-time RVers carrying large amounts of stuff with us. I don’t like to cram it all into the trailer so utilize our large crew cab backseat area in our 2018 Ram 3500 pickup. But, that raises a safety concern in the event of a crash. I needed a way to secure the interior load.

While searching the internet for a solution, I ran across the Quarantine Restraints website. The 58-by-60 Inch Interior Divider Restraint System looked like the perfect solution. It wasn’t cheap at $230, but other options seemed to pale in comparison. I didn’t want to scrimp on safety, and the Quarantine Restraints product looked like it would last. 

The Quarantine Interior Restraint System Is Designed For Safety Against Backseat Cargo Becoming Projectiles In A Sudden Stop Or Accident Situation. Quarantine’s In-Cab Securement System Serves A Variety Of Industries From Oil & Gas, Surveying, To Government And Utilities. Our Products Surpass All Job Site Safety Standards And Are Compliant With DOT And NSCSS Regulations Pertaining To Cargo Securement. Unsecured Cargo Regulations Are Being Implemented Throughout The Government And Private Sector As The Dangers Of Loose Cargo Within Work Vehicles Are Becoming A Serious Concern.       

Quarantine Restraints Interior Cargo Safety System

Other than the quality of construction, a couple of other things I like about the product are the small size/weight and how easy it is to install and take off. It came with its canvas little own storage bag. An assortment of carabiners, buckles, and straps to attach to the existing seat hardware, making installation a snap!

Quarantine Restraints Storage Bag

Quarantine Restraints Interior Cargo Safety System Buckles and Straps

Backseat Setup

Demo of the Quarantine Restraints Interior Cargo Safety System

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Quarantine Restraints Interior Cargo Safety System

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