Quebec City & Whale Watching on the St Lawrence – Throwback Video (July 2011)

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We head back in time to July 2011, our first year as full-time RVers. For one full year, we traveled around North America. At the time, I didn’t have a YouTube channel or a blog but did take some clips and photos with a little point and shoot camera. I thought since we can’t travel south, as usual, this winter, I’d put together some of the old clips and pix as videos. I hope you enjoy this look at Anne and me plus our beagles Angie and Oscar as newbie RVers. Cheers, Ray

In this video, we leave behind hot and humid Ontario and make a beeline to Quebec City, where things were much cooler. We take a tour of the old town fort area and then take a whale-watching cruise on the St Lawrence River. We really wanted to see some white Beluga whales, but we struck out. However, there were lots of Minke and the larger Fin whales, and it was great to get out on the water.

Quebec City and St. Lawrence Whale Watching Video

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Quebec City and Whale Watching on the St Lawrence River Throwback Video July 2011

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