Random Day in the Life of an RV Boondocker

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A while back one of my subscribers to the Love Your RV! YouTube channel asked if I could record a “Day in the Life” style video. They were interested to see how a routine day of RV boondocking might look like.

I’ve picked a random day while we were boondocking this January in Quartzsite, Arizona. Most people have heard of Quartzsite but if not it’s one of the largest gatherings of RVers anywhere on earth. The bulk of the RVs are out dry camping in the sprawling open desert surrounding the tiny desert town.

Quartzsite is a popular recreational vehicle camping area for winter visitors, and tourism is the major contributor to Quartzsite’s economy. Nine major gem, mineral, and 15 general swap meet shows are very popular tourist attractions, attracting about 1.5 million people annually, mostly in January and February. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartzsite,_Arizona

In the video, I show you my day as it unfolds from start to finish. There is some footage of our camping area out in the Plomosa Road free dispersed camping BLM area. More from in the heart of Quartzsite as I go for a walk while doing our laundry.  And more footage of some RV power management, passing by the RV Pit Stop (local place to dump tanks, get fresh water and propane), happy hour, and a few walks in the surrounding desert with my wife and the beagle.

Camped in the Plomosa Road BLM area
Camped in the Plomosa Road BLM area

Hope you enjoy a peek into our life and get a feel for what it’s like to be a fulltime RVer out boondocking in the southwest. – Cheers Ray

Routine Day in the Life of an RV Boondocker

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