Remarkable Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island

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A unique part of Vancouver Island featuring spectacular wild coastline with colorful ocean tide pools & surfing ducks! We head out from Victoria over to the west side of the island near the town of Port Renfrew for a hike down to a remarkable beach.

Located in Juan De Fuca Provincial Park, Botanical Beach is home to tantalizing tide pools chock full of marine life. The pools are carved out of ancient sandstone and act like crystal clear natural aquariums. Also, as chance would have it during my visit, some cute Harlequin Ducks showed up and did some surfing in the ocean waves. They are quite the nimble little critters.

You’ll see footage from the approx 2.5 KM loop trail through the coastal forest, panoramas of the fantastic seascape, ducks in the surf, and close-ups of the tide pools. Enjoy!

Visiting Botanical Beach Video

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Afternoon Visit to Remarkable Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island - Featuring Colorful Tide Pools and Surfing Ducks

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