Removing Cracked Faded RV Graphics from our Cougar Fifth Wheel

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This video shows you how I remove old faded, cracked decals from our 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer.

First, I hit the decal with a bit of heat from my heat gun set on low. If I can, I try and peel the graphic off by hand, which tends to take the adhesive with it, making clean up much easier. If it won’t peel off by hand, I hit it with a bit more heat and scape the remaining vinyl decal away with a hive tool.

Peeling of decal using a heat gun

Once I have all the vinyl material removed, I use mineral spirits to soften the remaining adhesive and scrape it off with the hive tool.

Warning! Mineral Spirits may damage some RV sidewall materials or paints. Test on a small area first.

Scraping off the glue
Scraping away the old adhesive glue with a hive tool

To finish the job, I reclean the area with first LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner, then 70% rubbing alcohol, and finally do a rewax.

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How I Remove Worn Cracked RV Decals

Tools and Products Used:

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Removing Cracked Faded RV Graphics from our Cougar Fifth Wheel

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