Renogy 400W Lightweight Solar Suitcase – Demo & Power Tests

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Over the last ten years, we have embraced camping off-grid, using mainly solar power to recharge our RV/Boat batteries. During that time, I purchased and installed seven 100-watt Renogy solar panels and a 40-amp Renogy DC-DC Charger. All the items have performed well, with some in constant use for ten years.

Here is a link to my previous Renogy product videos.

Love Your RV Camped Off Grid Boondocking

So, I was pleased when Renogy contacted me to offer items for my review. They offered several items, but I was keen to review their new-to-market 400-watt portable solar suitcase. Being 400 watts and compact/lightweight, I thought it most interested my audience.

I haven’t seen one quite like it before. It’s a foldable (ETFE-coated) panel design with rigid, lightweight frames and fiberglass backing. Each of the four-panel segments has an adjustable metal kickstand. Magnets in the corners help keep it together when folded.

Renogy 400W Portable Solar Suitcase Front and Back Views

As a bonus, it includes a canvas storage bag with a large pocket for cables and accessories. Folded dimensions are 27.9*33.7*3.2in Unfolded: 111.8×33.7 x0.8 in Weight:30.2 lbs. They advertise it as highly durable. IP67 waterproof with a 5-year warranty.

Renogy 400W Solar Suitcase Packed UP

In this first of two planned videos, I unpack, set up, and demonstrate this portable solar panel. I test its open-circuit voltage, short-circuit amperage, and output wattage in several real-world scenarios. The panel performed beyond my expectations, peaking at 444 watts!

400W Renogy Portable Solar Panel Demo

I’m looking forward to using it in the next few months, camping in our RV, and cruising on our live-aboard boat. Stay tuned, and I will return with my complete review after using it for a longer term.

Renogy 400W Solar Suitcase Links:

Renogy 400W Portable Solar Suitcase Demo and Tests

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