Repairing Our Dead RV Power Awning

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We have a Dometic 9100 RV power awning that has given us faithful service for nearly six years of full-time RVing. The power feature has proved handy to have as we often camp where winds come up suddenly. It’s been convenient to hit the power switch and suck her back in to avoid destruction.

Recently though the power awnings functioning has become erratic. Occasionally I’ve needed to flick the power switch back and forth a few times to get the awning to move. Finally, it gave up the ghost completely and would not extend or retract.

Diagnosing My Power Awning Problem

Fortunately, I was able to quickly diagnose the problem was the manual power switch itself and not the motor, fuse or wiring. I deduced this in two ways:

  1. The Dometic power awning also functions using our Keystone Cougar trailers wireless remote control. I tried the awning using it, and it worked! This told me the motor and wiring to the awning was good.
  2. I disassembled the control panel and swapped the slide out room switch (it uses the same switch) with the power awning switch, and the fault swapped as well.

Cougar Control Panel

Repairing the RV Awning Power Switch

Being that we were camping in rural Utah when it failed made finding a new replacement switch a no-go, so I decided to open it up and have a look at the contacts. Inside the switch, I found the contacts weren’t damaged or burnt at all but merely dirty. I guess over the years fine dust had worked its way in there.

I simply had to remove the old dielectric grease and clean the contacts up, and I would be good to go I hoped. I washed out the old grease and with a fiberglass burnishing tool cleaned the copper contacts and added new grease.

Dirty and Clean Awning Swtich Contacts

I then reassembled the switch, it only snaps together and reinstalled it into the control panel. Sure enough, I was back in business with the power awning switch working as good as new!

Video Detailing RV Power Awning Repair

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